Alfa Electric, Electrical devices, Business and Home Equipment

About us

Alfa Electric the new brand that was redesigned with the creation of our new E-shop. We count many years in the city of Corfu with our main store located at 11 Metropolitou Methodiou in the city center while we maintain our warehouses on the perimeter of the city.

We serve thousands of individuals and professionals by offering our products at competitive prices.

We have had stable professional collaborations and relationships with our suppliers for many years and this enables us to have quality products and stock.

The aim of this online store is the development of the activities of our company Lagas Vassilios by offering our products throughout Greece.

We have a huge range of products for the individual and the professional in electrical appliances but also in household items, home equipment, apartments for rent, hotels, restaurants, etc.

We are at your disposal for any question or query.